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The Lovey Blanket

W h e n  T o  I n t r o d u c e  A  L o v e y
The best time to introduce a lovey is somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6 months, when your baby’s mobility has improved, but you can start introducing the lovey around 2 months in a supervised setting. It’s about 2 months old when your baby is able to begin opening and closing their hands. They’ll start exploring what those wriggly things are made for, attempting to reach for soft objects like Lovey’s. Starting early gives your baby plenty of time to grow attached and after a few months, it will feel like their lovey has always been there. Take the lovey to bed for a night and wear it next to your skin to transfer your scent. Scent is a powerful soother and this is what will help create that initial bond between your baby and their lovey.
H o w  T o  I n t r o d u c e  A  L o v e y
First introduce the lovey during bed time and naps, then include it in your daily activities like, tucking it in between you during feedings, stroking the lovey against their skin or playing games like, peek-a-boo. As they become more familiar with the feel and smell of their lovey it will help them fall asleep on the go and navigate change and transitions as small as going to grandmas or as big as daycare.
L o v e y   B e n e f i t s
There are a lot emotional and developmental benefits of having a Lovey. Lovey’s bridge the gap between comfortable situations like home and new things like daycare. We all have security objects — a photograph, a wedding ring, music, “keepsakes” — that According to therapist Dr Mark Brenner bring us back to “a place and time of great solace and memory” They define a state of connection and presence in the world. A Lovey does the same for your baby. It creates a sense of security, encouraging baby to learn how to adapt in a chaotic and unpredictable world.